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This site is a Progressive Web App which implements Razor Pages rather than MVC. I upgraded the site using ASP.NET Core v6.0, Bootstrap v5 , and Native JavaScript for Bootstrap . See ASP.NET Core 5.0 - Migrate To Bootstrap v5 . Themes provided by Free themes for Bootstrap . This site implements Microsoft. AspNetCore. Identity and requires the user to confirm their email before logging in.

Articles and projects can be filtered with a target framework dropdown. The project details page has links to screenshots and a list of related articles. The article index has the target framework dropdown, keyword (tag) filters, and a dropdown of all articles listed alphabetically.

I enjoy writing these articles. It often enhances and clarifies my coding. I create research projects to analyze and compose my articles before I publish them. The research projects are the result of a lot of refactoring and are provided with a MIT license. Thank you for supporting my efforts.

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