.NET MAUI 6.0 - Sideloading

This article describes how to sideload (install) Windows and Android application packages. I developed KH Authenticator, a .NET MAUI App for Windows and Android which registers and authenticates a user without a password or email address. See KH Authenticator Server.

.NET MAUI 6.0 Introduction Series

This article series is about the implementation of .NET MAUI 6.0 with Visual Studio 2022. Almost 10 years ago, I developed and published an Android Studio project with Java programming. I bought a Mac Mini and researched Xcode and Swift programming. VS 2022 and .NET MAUI projects compile C# programming for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows operating systems. See .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) | .NET (microsoft.com).

Updated with links as the articles become published.

To publish and distribute your application, you need to create application packages. VS 2022 will publish the appropriate package based on the selected operating system. If Windows Machine is selected, publish creates a folder with resources and a MSIX file. See MSDocs - Publish a .NET MAUI app for Windows. If an Android Emulator or Android Local Device (USB connected Android device) is selected, publish creates an Android Package Kit or apk file. See MSDocs - Publish a .NET MAUI app for Android.

Both packages require code signing. The Windows package is signed with a X.509 certificate and the Android Package Kit is signed with an Android keystore. Installing the app on Windows with an untrusted (self-signed) certificate requires adding the certificate to the Windows Trusted Root Certification Authorities store. Installing the app on Android from a source other than Google Play or the Amazon Appstore, requires allowing installation from unknown sources. Select the target operating system for more detail on sideloading.

Select Target OS


Unzip the folder if zipped. The developer certificate is issued by KenHaggerty.Com and can only be applied with my password. Click and Open the cer file to install the certificate.

Zipped files and resources..
Developer Certificate.

Click Install Certificate to launch the Certificate Import Wizard. Select the Local Machine store. Browse and select the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store.

Certificate Import Wizard.
Select the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store..

Finish the wizard. Close then click the cer file to verify it is trusted.

Finish Import Wizard..
Trusted certificate..

Now click the msix file to launch the trusted KH Authenticator installer.

Install application..
Install success..


Open Settings and search "Install unknown apps".

Search settings..
Allow browser..

Download apk file. If the Play Protect warning is displayed, click Install anyway.

Download apk..
Install anyway..

When install completes, click Open.

App Installed.
Install success..
Ken Haggerty
Created 03/21/23
Updated 03/23/23 03:38 GMT

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