ASP.NET Core 5.0 - SMTP Settings Tester Project

Discussion of the ASP.NET Core 5.0 - SMTP Settings Tester Project.

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Created 07/30/2021 - Updated 07/30/2021 04:52 GMT

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Roberto cc
Roberto cc
Posted 08/08/2021 15:15 GMT
Member Since 08/08/2021

quiero ver el proyecto para ver si me funciona para algo que quiero hacer

Ken Haggerty
Ken Haggerty *
Posted 08/08/2021 15:39 GMT
Member Since 01/04/2019

Translated to English:
I want to see the project to see if it works for me for something I want to do
Registered users can download the SMTP Settings Tester Project for free at Manage (Username) > Assets.
Translated to Spanish:
Los usuarios registrados pueden descargar el SMTP Settings Tester Project de forma gratuita en Administrar (nombre de usuario)> Activos.

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