ASP.NET Core 6.0 - Filtered Comments

This article describes how filtered comments pages aid the comment workflow. I will assume you have downloaded the ASP.NET Core 6.0 - Users With Comments Project.

Users With Comments Project and Article Series

The ASP.NET Core 6.0 - Users With Comments Project (UWCP) implements public member profiles and a moderated comment workflow from user submission to admin publication. I started with the ASP.NET Core 6.0 - Users With Device 2FA Project (UWD2FAP) which implements WebAuthn, also known as FIDO2, instead of authenticator apps. The latest version of the UWCP is published at Preview. KenHaggerty. Com. I encourage you to register and submit a comment. Details, screenshots, and related articles can be found at ASP.NET Core 6.0 - Users With Comments Project. The details page includes the version change log.

Visual Studio 2022 (VS 2022) is required to develop .NET 6 and ASP.NET Core 6.0 applications. .NET 6 and ASP.NET Core 6.0 are Long Term Support (LTS) releases and will be supported until November 08, 2024. .NET 5 is a Current release and will be supported until May 08, 2022. .NET 3.1 is a LTS release and will be supported until December 3, 2022. See .NET and .NET Core release lifecycle.

The UWCP implements a filtered comments partial view with the unapproved comments and user's comments pages. All actions on comments originate from the control partial which is implemented per entity. The filtered partial view lists comments with links to the comment on the entity control panel.

Admin Unapproved Comments.
Admin Unapproved Comments Mobile.

The link includes a comment id hash which highlights the comment. e.g., /admin/entities/comments?entityId=3#commentId-1207

Admin Comment Control.
Admin Comment Control Mobile.

The UWCP implements a seeded users feature to demonstrate filtered lists. The Seeded Users page adds users when they do not exist up to the Max Count. If the unique identifier is even, the public Member Listing is enabled. If Add Comments option is set, a Comment Moderator user is created if not found. A new comment is created with the seeded user and the third MockEntity named Users With Comments Project - API Authorization. If the unique identifier is even, the comment is approved and a comment from the Comment Moderator user is added.

Admin Seeded Users.
Admin Seeded Users Mobile.

The admin users page links to the user comments page.

Admin Users.
Admin Users Mobile.

The user comments page implements an entity dropdown. Only entities where the users have commented are listed.

Admin User Comments.
Admin User Comments Mobile.

The admin entities page links to the unapproved comments and a comments filter page.

Admin Entities.
Admin Entities Mobile.

The Comments Filter page implements entity and user dropdowns. Only entities and users with comments are listed.

Admin Comments Filter.
Admin Comments Filter Mobile.

All admin comment lists display hidden comments when selected.

Admin Hidden Comments.
Admin Hidden Comments Mobile.
Ken Haggerty
Created 06/10/22
Updated 06/19/22 15:19 GMT

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